facility1aAgility Classes

Beginners Agility The place to start and stay until you are really ready to go on! Most people stay in beginners for several sessions to solidify skills and enhance communication and build confidence Relax - enjoy the ride!


Obedience Classes

Foundations of Obedience Puppies, pet dogs and performance dogs of any venue all start here! The basics of building a strong, clear relationship for the foundation you need to go on to any activity you want. This is a key class for anyone wishing to have a well behaved dog


Classes are for three weeks. Cost is $75 for the three week session.



Tracking at North Star

When weather permits, we often schedule Tracking Clinics / SeminarsParis Kathy

Carolyn's extensive success and knowledge of tracking makes these days wonderful learning experiences for everyone.  


Loretta being measured for her very own tracking harness. A little early - but, hey! She has a big harness to fill following in the tracking steps of her Champion Tracker Great Grandmother (North Star’s Hot Diggity Dog) and Champion Tracker Great Great Grandmother (Pioneer’s Grand Finale).Loretta tracking frame