There are no  more rewarding recomendations than those coming from our clients.

granquisDeborah Granquist and Ellie - Champion Tracker! Debbie and Ellie are competing in Excellent Agility and Utility and have attended our tracking camp.


"Ellie and I have been training with Carolyn for many years. I am so proud of our progression, but in all honesty, all of our accomplishments are directly attributable to Carolyn - her teaching, guidance, patience, perseverance and most of all her caring. Not only does she think like a dog, she can get inside your head, too, and as a result she is able to help you figure out how to solve your problems. She instills in her students a love of the craft and provides you with the tools to make the journey. And what a journey it can be. Thanks to Carolyn for providing the path to take ! "


Deborah Granquist, Weston, Vermont Training with Carolyn with her Labrador Retriever, Ellie, from Novice A to Champion Tracker


oliveKellie Morrison and Olive - who have gone from Novice A to High Combined RAE in Rally obedience. Kellie and Olive are competing in Excellent Agility and will be competing in Open Obedience as well as training for their TDX title.


"After enrolling in Carolyn's Tracking course, we went from zero knowledge of tracking to earning our TD title in six months! Carolyn's approach to training, from pet dog problem solving to Agility, Obedience and Tracking is sensible and positive. Carolyn has natural relatable teaching skills for instructing handlers and a keen, intuitive understanding of animal behavior. She translates the unspoken language and provides the key to unlock the unlimited potential between dogs and their human partners. Training with Carolyn has completely transformed my relationships with my dogs - a gift for which I will be forever grateful."


Kellie Morrison, Tinmouth, Vermont


jennyJennifer Server and Clemmy with Judges Deb Brown and Art Twiss celebrating their TD title.

"Her passion for and devotion to the dogs is endless and her encouragement and generosity to the handlers is legendary."

Jennifer Server, Weston, Vermont & New York, NY

Jenny has shown through obedience Utility and TDX in tracking with her Labrador retriever, Clemmy. Clemmy also participages in Excellent Agility. Clemmy and Silas, Jenny's other Labrador, have attended our tracking camps.


Debby DuBay and Ch MACH 4 LincolnDebbyDuBay1

"Carolyn's training philosophy is: it is all about the relationship between you and your dog. She taught me to
embrace end celebrate the dog I have. This foundation has been the key to having a balanced pet dog and a spectacular performance dog ! Carolyn not only made me a better handler she made me a better person".

Debby DuBay, Ret. USAF


Gretchen Pinkel"I can truly say that Carolyn has enabled me to look at training in a totally different light - that it is not just training to be able to accomplish the task/exercise, but it is all about the relationship between yourself and your dog and understanding that you are a team together. Thank you Carolyn for your patience, your insight and the knowledge I have gained over the last 8+ years that I have been going to North Star!".

Gretchen Pinkel, Kee-Pin Labradors, Argyle, New York